Bags For Brags

Bags for Brags Texas Cornhole Tournament

Tournament Rules

The Tournament uses the Texas Cornhole League (TCL) rules and is limited to the first 100 teams that register.  

  • There are two brackets – Competitive and Backyard. Both brackets will have cash prizes.
  • A team may enter only one bracket.
  • This is a double elimination tournament, so when a team loses 2 games, they are eliminated from the competition.
  • Each contest is best Two out of Three, so the first team to win two games, wins the contest.

The Cornhole Bags:

  • Players are allowed to bring their own cornhole bags (TCL approved with marking), but all play will be on Bags 4 Brags supplied boards.
  • There will be 8 bags per contest, 4 of each color.
  • Each bag will be 6″ x 6″ and contain 1 pound of corn/resin.
  • The color of the bags thrown will be determined by the scoreboard color of the chosen side (blue or red).

The Coin Toss:


  • A coin toss will determine choice of side and 1st bag honors.
  • The loser of the Game 1 coin toss will choose side and 1st bag honors of Game 2.
  • If a Game 3 is necessary, a coin toss will determine choice of side and 1st bag honors for Game 3.

Game Play:

  • Partners will stand at opposite cornhole boxes on the same side and face each other.
  • Alternate throws between the two opponent players until all 8 cornhole bags have been thrown.
  • If a bag hits the floor and bounces up on the board, that bag will be removed from the board.
  • The team who scores is given the honor of first throw in the next round.
    • If both teams have the same score, the team that scored last will throw first.
  • The Game continues until one team reaches 21 or more points.

*Raking Cornhole Bags:  If bags become piled on the floor inside the cornhole board hole and may interfere or obstruct the next throw OR if there is a question whether a bag would have naturally fallen through the hole, a player may REQUEST to “rake” or remove the cornhole bags that have fallen inside the hole.  IMPORTANT:  ALL effort should be made to leave bags on the playing surface undisturbed during the “rake”.



  • The score will be taken AFTER all cornhole bags have been thrown for a round.
  • Points shall be given as follows:
    • 3 points are given for a cornhole bag that goes through the hole.
    • 1 point is given for a cornhole bag that is on the playing surface.
    • 1 point is given for a cornhole bag that is hanging in the hole.
    • 0 points for a cornhole bag that is touching the ground.
    • 0 points for a cornhole bag that is on the playing surface, but is resting on a bag that is on the ground.  UNLESS the bag on the ground can be removed without the resting bag falling or touching the ground.  Then 1 point is given.



  • A Foul occurs when:
    • A cornhole player’s foot goes past the Foot Foul Line.
    • A player goes out of turn.
  • The player who fouled loses the throw when the foul occurred and the bag will be removed from the playing surface if it landed.